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    This year's Coquitlam in Bloom initiatives will focus on youth in our community. Watch for a Pop up Youth Park at Mundy Park, Fun Nights at the Stadium, community tidiness initiatives, a 23 foot tall planted sculpture at Town Centre Park, and a return of Park Spark, Coquitlam Munch edible gardens, pollinator gardens, Spotlight on Sport and other activities. Read more..

    As much as it hurts some people to hear, the US is a sovereign nation that needs to, at the very least, document the people living inside of it borders. Republicans and Libertarians will argue, mostly accurately, that more than what we are doing already is not the duty of the state but on individuals. If you want to donate your time and money to programs to help immigrants enter the country legally or help them in their own countries that is great, but illegal entry is still a crime that we can allow at this time..

    This law takes us back to the days of segregation, when there were separate bathrooms, buses, and schools. Though this discrimination may not be racist, it is existent. In a recent interview, Pence stated that this law was "intended as a message of inclusion and was interpreted as a message of exclusion." Despite his claims, how could one not interpret it as a message of exclusion when this act puts a veil over those discriminating against individuals and are hiding behind the phrase 'religious liberty?' Since when did religious rights overrule individual rights? We aren't governed by a theocracy, so why must people be bound by one? To make people feel comfortable? If thats the case, it's clearly not working.

    It's kind of bizarre that The Big White never landed a proper theatrical release. Williams plays a financially distraught travel agent named Paul. Desperate for cash (and Tourette's suffering wife Margaret (Hunter) is no help), he lucks out when he comes across a dead body in a Dumpster, takes out a quickie life insurance policy on his long lost brother, then puts bacon on his face and leaves him to the wolves.

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  • 10/3/20 at 1:00 AM -
    5/28/21 at 1:00 AM
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